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1 simple tip to increase the longevity & shine to your hardwood flooring... 
1 simple tip to increase the longevity & shine to your hardwood flooring after a maintenance service is to use a hardwood floor mop that specifically allows you to "use your own cleaning solution" which is exactly what you want! 

The reason for this is because alot of the pre-filled bottled solutions actually have chemicals in them that are NOT good for your hardwood flooring and causes your beautifully, protected floors to become dull, hazy as well as eat away at your protective coating causing you to have to repeat the maintenance service process sooner that you normally would have to. 

As for the cleaning solution, usually any floor neutralizer solution will do.  This can easily be found at any of your big box stores or you can get it here.  However if you want to avoid shipping cost, going to your local store may be best!