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-Milton Battle
"Wow....truly more than what I expected. Professional cleaners showed up on time and promptly and efficiently performed floor cleaning services for my residential home in Germantown. 100% Satisfied. Thank you J.R.N.T. Cleaning Services for the great work!
-Mary Ellison, Germantown, MD
"I was really amazed at the quality services I received. I never thought my wood floors could look so amazingly renewed. I would highly recommend floor waxing services from this company".

MidAtlantic Fasteners Frederick, MD-Greg R.

"Excellent Service and Absolutely Loved the professionalism, and job they completed"

Why should you entrust
your floor cleaning services to us?

  • We use "Quality" Floor Wax
  • Best prices in Maryland
  • Quality work
  • Personalized Floor Cleaning
  • Great references
  • Over 15 years of Floor Waxing experience
  • Bonded & Insured
  • Certified Floor Cleaning Technician
  • Floor Maintenance Program to keep your floors looking GREAT!

Floor Buffing Service gives that “Wow!” finish from burnishing after refinishing!  Our High Speed 20 inch floor buffer/burnisher provides 2,000 RPMs that  “Pop” your floors and impress!  Best for our floor maintenance clients.  Ask about our floor maintenance program today.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial & Residential  Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Stripping Services receive best results when done correctly using proper up-to-date floor buffing equipment and proper commercial grade stripping solution to remove build-up from previous waxing applications
Not Sure What Type of Floor you have or type of floor cleaning services you need???

Just give us a quick call by clicking here and one our floor consultants will be happy to discuss your needs.

Here at J.R.N.T Cleaning Services, we focus on the upkeep, maintenance and cleaning requirements of many hard surface floors for commercial & residential clients.  Irreversible & permanent damage can occur without proper cleaning methods, maintenance or care of Hardwood, Tile, VCT, Laminate, Linoleum & Ceramic Floors.  

Implementing the proper cleaning equipment & techniques can often times become challenging which can lead to neglected, worn out, dull looking floors that have accumulated dust, soil, scuff marks, & grit.  However, these floors, in many cases, can be revived!  Our Floor Cleaning Service Technicians are equipped with vital equipment, education, & commercial grade cleaning solutions (which are appropriately selected after visual onsite inspection of floors to be serviced)

Do not let the unsightly appearance & filth of your floors precede your reputation! Call us today, receive an online estimate now, or schedule a FREE onsite estimate (within 25 miles of business location)

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